Welcome to Teker

In 1995, we,  the Teker family started selling poultry in a little butchery of 45m² in Brussels. We specialized ourselves in chicken breasts and because of our growing success we decided to expand.

In 1998 Teker moved to a new place of 450m² located in Willebroek. Willebroek was the beginning of the industrialization of Teker. Between 1998 and 2010 Teker gained the confidence of the market by growing a lot.

2010 is the year that Teker builded a factory on a territory of 4500m² which is placed in the industrial zone in Willebroek. Since 2010, Teker is also developing new products and opened his doors for the European market.

Our philosophy. Quality, hygiene, service.

Thanks to all that have given their confidence.


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